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What is Considered Emergency Apartment Maintenance? 

It's important for tenants to know what's "normal" and when requesting emergency maintenance is better. So, what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment? Read on to learn more about what's considered an emergency, so you know when to ask for help immediately.

Guide to Wichita Farmers Markets

If you are living in Wichita, KS, you may be looking for the best farmers market. A farmers market in Wichita, KS, is a great option since you have several markets you could go to. Going to a farmers market provides a unique experience that grocery stores don't have. This is just part of the reason why many people prefer it. Keep reading to find out where to find a farmers market in Wichita, KS.

a white building with a blue sky in the background

8 Important Questions to Ask When Moving Into an Apartment

You may be considering a move yourself, especially if you can work remotely and avoid the pitfalls of living in the city. But before you sign a lease and make your move, there are some important questions to ask when moving into an apartment or townhome. Here's what you need to ask your future landlord.


It's sometimes tough to decide when faced with all the things to do in Wichita in the winter, though, so we'll outline some of the best in this article. Wichita is a great place year-round, but it comes alive with the special intangible magic of the winter season. There's no better time to visit, but it's always worth setting out with a plan. Read on to find out more!